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Los Angeles Tamil School (LATS) 2012-13 School Year - Registration Announcement

Dear Parents,

Vanakkam. With the successful completion of Los Angeles Tamil School (LATS) in 2011-12 school year, we are now entering into next school year. Thank you for your continued support.

Please visit Los Angeles Tamil School's new website for latest announcements, LATS Calendar, Registration Process, Contact Details and others related information.

Registration for LATS 2012-13 school year is now open for current and new students. This year's registration will be done only via on-line. Procedures are slightly different for returning parents to register returning student, returning parents adding a new student and new parent adding new student. Please read the registration help page's for detailed registration steps.

Some of the information requested in the registration process will help us to account the new students under LATS Arcadia or Rancho Cucamonga branch. Make sure to select 'Los Angeles Tamil School, CA' as the 'School Site',  Select 'Arcadia or Rancho Cucamonga' for 'Public School City' and enter other mandatory data.

On September 9th, LATS will host parents meeting for Arcadia branch. As we have only limited seats available for new students, registration for new students will be finalized/confirmed on September 9th for Arcadia Branch. Evaluation test for new students may be required and it can be scheduled during one of the weekends prior to school start date depending on teachers availability. If you plan to register students at Rancho Cucamonga branch and/or if you have any questions related to Rancho Cucamonga branch, please contact Ranjana.

You can find our contact details at Please let me know if you have any questions.

LATS Principal