LATS Policies

LATS Teachers
  • NO punishment, NO imposition
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Treat and care for students with respect
  • Trust and respect LATS policies, staff, volunteers, and parents
  • NO comparison with other kids
  • Understand and accept that there are many variations of Tamil
  • Teach ONLY the formal Tamil - set in syllabus
  • Be consistent with all students
  • Be fair and friendly to kids and parents
  • Goal is to have students to come to LATS for many years to keep in touch with Tamil
  • Teacher training will be provided every year to new teachers. We believe in investing on Teachers, one of our pillars of the organization
LATS Parent
  • Ensure that your child is regular and on time for class and special LATS events
  • Take personal interest in what your child is learning in the class and encourage the child to practice the same at home
  • Ensure that your child completes the homework before the next class
  • Encourage your child to use (or) practice Tamil at home or whenever/wherever possible. Make them feel proud
  • Cooperate fully with the teachers whenever they provide feedback pertaining to your child
  • We request you to spare some of your time to make our school the BEST. We kindly request you to participate in school activities as much as possible
  • It’s NOT meant to be a competitive learning environment. Meant to be an enjoyable experience for all of us - teachers, volunteers, students and parents
  • It’s a journey to experience and NOT a race to win
  • Help us by NOT requesting to move kids to higher grades where it is age inappropriate
LATS Student
  • Excellent behavior is expected from all LATS students
  • Students need to bring notebook, books, pens, pencils and other materials necessary to the class every week
  • Participate in class, listen well, and take part in class discussion
  • Ask questions if do not understand the discussions
  • Cooperate with other students and teachers
  • Do homework every week without fail
  • Practice the class work at home (LATS recommends two times a week)
  • Read, write, converse in Tamil whenever and where ever possible
  • In the classroom:
  • Treat others with respect and dignity
  • Don't disturb or distract others
  • Be on time to class
  • Hats need to be removed inside the buildings
  • Do not bring toys and other personal items to the classroom
Teaching Materials Used
  • Text Book (TB)
  • Exercise Book (EB)
  • Handwriting Book (HB)
  • Short story books
Safety @ LATS
  • Parents are fully responsible for dropping off the kids to the appropriate classroom and pick them up ON TIME.
  • LATS is NOT responsible for any untoward behavior/activities from both kids and parents that affect the general atmosphere of the premises where the classes are held
  • LATS will NOT be responsible for the kids and their whereabouts beyond the duration of the class timing
  • Request kids not go out of the classrooms on their own. Also ask them NOT to wander in the parking lot on their own
  • LATS is NOT responsible for any parking violations
  • Help us to maintain the highest safety standards. Safety is our Highest priority more than anything else. Your cooperation and support is a MUST

Punctuality and Attendance Policy
  • We expect all students to be in the classroom no later than 5 minutes after the school officially begins
  • Class room doors will be closed 5 minutes after the school starts
  • Attendance officer will visit the classes 10 minutes after start time and will mark absent if student is not present and the teacher doesn’t have any information on the whereabouts.
  • Perfect Attendance: All students with 100% perfect attendance – Physically attending the classes at LATS - are honored with a trophy award at the end of the school year. Missing one or more classes for any reason will automatically disqualify to receive the perfect attendance award. Students who joined late do not qualify for this award
  • There is no excused or unexcused leave. All leaves are considered as absence
  • The student/parent should inform the teachers about their absence and be prepared for the next class by reviewing the missed class work before the next class

  • Email is the main mode of communication
  • Monthly email update from principal to all parents
  • Weekly email update from Teachers to all parents in their respective class about class activities
  • Parents access to Website
  • Teachers and principal are the main contacts and source of information for parents
Events/ Fun Activities 
  • Picture Day
  • Pongal
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • LATS Annual Day
LATS Annual Day 
    • Annual Day event celebrated towards the end of the school year
    • Almost every kid participates in the celebrations by participating in one of the events
    • Volunteers start the preparation in Feb/March
    • All performances are based on Tamil – Dance, Song, Skit, Play, recital, etc.